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ICBC: Involved in a motor vehicle accident

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident involving a vehicle registered and insured in BC you will have coverage for physiotherapy treatment through ICBC.


WCB: workplace injuries

If you have hurt yourself at work, we can help you with your recovery and get you back to work more quickly.

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Private: extended health plan

Vital Physiotherapy services are covered by most health care plans; most pay 80-100% of the fees.In most circumstances, we can bill your insurance company on your behalf, so there is minimal out of pocket fees.

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MSP: Low income and senior clients

If you receive premium assistance through MSP then your physiotherapy will most likely be covered, for a small user fee. Many seniors are also covered for physiotherapy through MSP.


Vital Physiotherapy Clinic Surrey, BC

Vital Physio is the Best Physiotherapy Clinic in Surrey that offers the best care for musculoskeletal injuries like low back, wrist, elbow, hips, neck, ankles, shoulders, and knees. We offer one-on-one patient care for making them feel better day by day. At Vital Physiotherapy center in Surrey, patients get peace of mind which is possible nowhere.

We offer the most excellent Physiotherapy Services in Surrey, BC. We are specialized in the prevention and management of the problem begins with joints, ligaments, muscles, and bones. Moreover, we have a niche in soft tissue release, IMS Dry Needling, Active Rehabilitation, and Custom Orthotics. Also, we manage and treat Sports Injuries.

Our Experts


Manpreet Khaira

Registered Physiotherapist, certified in acupuncture

Manpreet graduated from India In 2006 with Bachelors if Physiotherapy and masters in 2008 and NOW is a full registered Physiotherapist in good standing with CPTBC. She has more than10 years of experience as a Physiotherapist. She has vast experience in her field.
She is a team worker and love to work with other health professionals. she is organized and take her profession very seriously.Her field of expertise are in Motor Vehicle injuries(ICBC), Workplace Injurie,Pre-and Post Operative Rehabilitation, acupuncture. She is a  member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, and the Physiotherapy Association of Bristish columbia.


Jagdeep Dhamija

Registered Physiotherapist, certified in IMS, Vestibular Rehabilitation

She graduated in Bachelor of Physical therapy from India in 2006 and completed her Masters in 2008. she has over 10years of experience working as a physiotherapist . She has vast experience working as a registered physiotherapist in India as well as In Surrey BC, Canada. She is certified in vestibular therapy as well as in IMS .She has been treating patients with sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents, work related injuries, neck, back joint pain & dysfunction, pre & post-surgical rehab, neck and back dysfunction and vertigo. She is more focused on hand on treatment She is a  member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, and the Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia.


In the vital physio surrey, we provide expert and flawless physiotherapy treatments. Our expert physiotherapists assess, analyze, and observe the patients for finding the accurate cause of the pain. Our therapists are skilled and knowledgeable in engaging you in the best rehabilitation procedure and also help in getting you back to normal. Our specialized range of services consists of deep tissue massage therapy, custom knee bracing, orthotics, electrotherapy, and acupuncture. Moreover, we also offer Vestibular Rehab , concussion physiotherapy, Laser Therapy, neurological physiotherapy services such as ICBC Physiotherapy, wsbc physiotherapy as well as pre-post surgical orthopedics. Our goal is to provide evidence-based exercises, valued money and time, priority care, a safe friendly environment, and the best treatment based on specific needs.


Our Services

Physiotherapy for Injury at Work in Surrey.


Accidents and disability type ailments can cripple a person and restrict their mobility. With physiotherapy for motor accident cases Surrey one can get relief from such problems and can restore movement and function of the affected area.

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Acupuncture is the use of very thin, sterile needles that are inserted into specific points on the body to promote circulation and mobilize your body’s natural healing and immune response.

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Vestibular Rehab

A part of the inner ear, the vestibular system’s primary function is to maintain the balance of a human body. Any person suffering from injuries or damages in the vestibular system can face problems like dizziness and problems with body balance.

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Dry Needling

Muscle stiffness, knots and spasms are nagging issues that keep creating problems. Such problems can make a person’s life tough with constant or periodic pain triggered by a few certain reasons. But it can easily resolve and with the proper treatment like Dry Needling.

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Custom Orthotics

A major part of the population suffers from foot pain. This is a common problem for a number of reasons like foot, knee, or hip-related issues. But with custom-made orthotics, one can get relief from pain while walking and makes standing easier.

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Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy is one of the most reliable and effective methods of getting relief from chronic pain. It is also known as cold laser therapy and is often the go to solution when most other therapies fail. It helps in healing damaged tissues at aggravated rate and give relief in a short span of time.

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Motor Vehicle Injury ICBC CLAIM

What kind of injuries can a physiotherapist treat after a motor vehicle accident? Whiplash Muscle strains/tears Ligament sprains/tears Headaches Jaw pain Fracture rehabilitation Balance retraining & reconditioning after brain injuries Neck and back pain Joint dislocations or separations A Doctor’s referral is not required to begin physiotherapy treatment.

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Concussion Management

April 9th, 2020 Step out of the darkness We will assess the severity of your concussion and educate you on what has happened, and what you can expect going forward. With a clear understanding, we can begin to work on reducing pain and other symptoms through regular in-clinic sessions.

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Pre / Post Surgical Orthopedics

Book Your Pre/Pre Operative Physiotherapy Treatment with Vital Physio in Surrey, BC. Here we provide the best post-surgical physiotherapy, Concussion Rehabilitation, Massage Therapy at the best price

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Neurological Rehabilitation

Neurological rehabilitation is the retraining of your brain to perform tasks after an accident or illness compromises your physical or psychological abilities. Through a combination of in-home and in-clinic training, you’ll learn to mitigate and manage the neurological, behavioral and social effects caused by the remapping of your brain.

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Active Rehab Program

While surgeries are done to make things right it more than often has negative effects on your body. Restricted mobility and joint movements are two of the most common types of post-surgical effects. To get back optimum strength and movement, a proper active rehabilitation program can help.

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WorkSafeBC registered physiotherapy Clinic located in the heart of town. We offer over 10 different treatments including acupuncture, chiropractic, and reflexology using natural therapies from all around Surrey, BC.

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Soft Tissue Release

Looking for an active release therapy in Surrey, BC? We are a team of professional therapists dedicated to providing effective soft tissue release or active release therapy to our patients.

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Our team is committed to improving your life by providing quality and comfortable electrotherapy for the most common conditions that affect all of us – Your anxiety, depression, or other mental issues are not our problem!

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Concussion Rehab

 Our team is expert in Concussion Therapy In Surrey, BC. Reach out to our representatives to schedule an appointment and assessment to get started with Concussion Rehabilitation in Surrey.

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