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Concussion Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy Clinic Surrey | BC

Have you ever felt a concussion? Vital Physio provides Concussion Physiotherapy in Surrey, BC at nominal fee charges. Our physiotherapists have years of experience in offering Concussion Rehabilitation Therapy in Surrey.

A concussion is a brain injury that totally affects the functioning of the brain and is caused by a blow, jolt, or bumps to the head. At vital physio in Surrey BC, we offer a thorough and complete assessment and rehabilitation program for concussion management. Our expert physiotherapists follow the outstanding assessment as well as treatment techniques.

Our specialist in concussion rehabilitation completely accesses and examines the concussion patient. Then, evaluate the symptoms of concussion, do balance accessing, neurological screening, and vestibular testing of the patient. After every assessment, our physiotherapists will decide the best concussion management for the patient.

Why Concussion Rehabilitation | Physiotherapy?

Concussion is among the most usually happening injuries in sport and re. A blackout is a sort of mind injury and various symptoms might be reported.


Symptoms may occur promptly following an occurrence or might be delayed. Many concussions can happen in grassroots and sporting game where a medical professional could not be present.

Following are the benefits are listed below with having a Concussion Rehabilitation Therapy:

Concussion Rehabilitation surrey BC