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Sports Physiotherapy in Surrey | BC

Get high-quality Sports Physiotherapy in Surrey, BC with Vital Physio’s team of expert therapists. Our skilled therapists have extensive experience and training for treating sports injuries. Before initiating the sports physiotherapy, our professional will perform an assessment for knowing the extent, severity, and nature of the injury. They also assess the whole injury impact on your daily life and athletic activities.

At Vita Physio Surrey, we assess the strength, muscle balance, alignment, and flexibility of your entire body. Then, we give a summary of our verdict and build up an exercise program as per the demands and needs of your sport. The sports physiotherapy helps in preventing injuries and improves your overall performance in sport. Our sports physiotherapy is benefitted by the person having various sports injuries such as knee joint injuries, sprains, muscle pain, stress fracture, and Hamstring strain. Contact us for getting fast muscle recovery and pain relief by our sports physiotherapy expert.

Why Sports Physiotherapy?

Sports therapy utilizes different advance procedures including manual therapy, heat/ice, stretching, electrotherapy, needle therapy, ultrasound, and vestibular therapy to keep up top function and fitness.


Our Sports physiotherapist in Surrey can provide tailored training plans for an athlete’s upcoming sports events, treat sports related injuries or offers hands on treatment to enhance the overall performance and prevent injury.

There are some of the top advantages of having a sports physiotherapy:

Sports Physiotherapy Clinic surrey