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Soft Tissue Release | Active Release Therapy | Surrey, BC

Active Release Therapy plays an extensive role in treating various Muscle & Ligament issues. Vital Physio provide Soft Tissue Release (Active Release Therapy) in Surrey, BC. Active Release Techniques® (ART) is an exceptionally compelling involved delicate tissue method. It utilizes exact contacts with explicit developments to release adhesions in muscles and other soft tissues.

Soft tissue release is a very efficient procedure for the treatment of soft tissue injuries both in chronic and sub-acute pain/injuries. Moreover, the soft tissue release is a blend of active-assisted stretching, therapeutic massage, and Myofascial release.

For performing the soft tissue release method, our physiotherapist applies exact pressure during a precise stretch executed in several movements. This results in the correction of muscle imbalance decreased pain, improved muscle performance, the muscle return back to the appropriate length, and quick reformation of scar tissues.

Why Soft Tissue Release Physiotherapy?

Our confident and skilled soft tissue release physiotherapists also educate the patients for self-releasing methods for home care. We are proficient in curing various soft tissue injuries including elbow pain, neck pain, knee problems, lower leg injuries, low back pain, hand pain, etc.

active release technique