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Electrotherapy Clinic in Surrey | BC

Are you looking for an Electrotherapy Clinic in Surrey, BC? At Vital Physio, we have Physiotherapists that will help and help you in your recovery. Furthermore, as a part of their physio treatment, they have applied electrotherapy.

Electrotherapy is a very popular treatment used for physical rehabilitation and therapy. It uses an electric machine that delivers electric impulses to the body. The electrotherapy is done for facilitating and promoting tissue regeneration and muscle healing. The electrotherapy has various therapeutic benefits as well.

Our expert physiotherapy uses electrotherapy treatment for wound healing, improves motion range, improves blood circulation, prevents muscle atrophy, relaxes muscle spasms, stimulates the reformation of muscles, and reduces post-traumatic, post-surgical, and chronic pains.

Why Electrotherapy?

The electrotherapy works for those where oral medications do not work. The electrotherapy can be used for treating diverse problems such as TMD, Arthritis, Tennis elbow, Diabetes complications, Bursitis, Sciatica, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, post-surgical swelling and pain, and so on. These benefits of electrotherapy make it a very popular and powerful modality in physiotherapy.

Electrotherapy helps in treating various issues as listed below:

electrotherapy clinic in surrey