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Dry Needling Physiotherapy | Needle Physiotherapy Surrey | BC

Are you an individual who is actively looking for Dry Needling Physiotherapy in Surrey, BC? If you’re a native of Surrey then you must definitely visit Vital Physio experts who have been helping people with their top-notch physiotherapy services in Surrey, BC.

Dry needling is also known as intramuscular stimulation. It is a new and modern treatment that is used to stimulate painful muscles and trigger points. The technique of dry needling to ease muscular pain is becoming popular day by day. During the treatment with dry needling, several tiny needles are inserted into the skin. The needles are termed as ‘Dry’ because they do not inject fluid in the body. The needles are placed at trigger points in the tissue or muscle. The trigger points consist of an area that has hard or knotted muscle. The dry needling technique is used for releasing the knot as well as relieving any spasms or muscle pain.

Our physiotherapists are trained properly in dry needling. Our healthcare professionals make use of short, fine, and stainless steel needles for dry needling. Patients get quick relief from muscular stiffness and pain by our expert therapists. During the therapy of dry needling, our practiced therapists put needles on the triggered points that help in improving flexibility and getting rid of pains. The procedure of dry needling can be quite painful. Do not panic! Our experts are trained professionally in giving dry needling treatment.

Why Needle Physiotherapy?

Dry needling is a treatment that includes the addition of a very thin needle into trigger points or tight muscles of your body. The fundamental design is to improve tissue healing and restore muscle work.

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