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Vestibular Rehab, Physiotherapist Surrey | BC

In this hectic and stressful schedule, it’s getting common for majority of the people to suffer from dizziness & balance problems. Vital Physio, An expert Vestibular Physiotherapist in Surrey, BC commits to recover you from vestibular system problem.

The vestibular system consists of the brain and part of the inner ear that helps in controlling eye movement and balance. Vestibular dysfunction of the inner ear results in balance disorder which is caused by a viral infection, aging, head injury, genetic factors, and other illnesses. The symptoms of a damaged vestibular system are vertigo, dizziness, hearing loss, imbalance, vision impairment, brain fog, and many more! The people suffering from this disorder also have difficulty with memory and concentration.

No worries now! We can help. Our expert can easily analyze and recognize the accurate problem by rapid and thorough diagnosis. After identifying the problem, our Physio Surrey Professionals give suitable and perfect treatment so that the patient can be treated effectively. Our flawless treatment plan is designed for handling the problems together with home exercises as well. Moreover, our vestibular Rehab program is perfect for diagnosis as well as treatment of balance disorders of the body. Our specialists provide the best physiotherapy in Surrey and are proficient in understanding, diagnosing, and treating the vestibular disorders so that patients can regain life by restoring balance.

Why Vestibular Rehab Physiotherapy?

A lot of people ask this question that why there’s need of Vestibular Rehab Physiotherapy? There’re various kinds of problems concerned with our Vestibular system that can occur to an individual.

Vestibular Rehabilitation Physiotherapy helps to recover from various ailments which are listed as below:

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