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How Do I Get a WSBC Claim For Physiotherapy?

WorkSafe BC (WSBC), a statutory organization that administers workers' compensation ....

lasertherapy How Useful Concussion Rehabilitation Is - Type And Usage

How Useful Concussion Rehabilitation is - Type and Usage

If you start experiencing symptoms of a concussion, it is advisable to get help.


Laser Therapy treatment - All You Need To Know About

Are you Injured? In pain? Want to experience a futuristic method that is very pleasant .....

Vital - Blog Custom Orthotics

Top 5 Unexpected Benefits of Custom Orthotics

Your feet serve as the base on which you stand, walk, balance, ......

neck pain

7 Tips To Reduce To Prevent Neck Pain

Nowadays people spend most of the time using laptop either ...


How To Get Rid Of Different Injuries And Pains By Physiotherapy

Physical therapy or physiotherapy is the process associated with...


What is Dry Needling Therapy? Benefits and Risks

Dry needling therapy was first developed in Japan during the 1970s as...

massage therapy

What Is Massage Therapy? 7 Reasons Why Massage Is Essential

Massage therapy alleviates pain, promotes health, and helps people feel more relaxed.


Top 6 Neurological Conditions and Symptoms that you need to know.

The nervous system is composed of organs mainly the brain, spinal cord, ...