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Neurological Rehabilitation in Surrey | BC

Are you suffering from any severe Neurological issues? Vital Physio offers Neurological Rehabilitation in Surrey, BC. The Neurological Rehabilitation is the ongoing and assessment treatment for the person with functional and movement problems caused by injuries to the body’s nervous system. Serious injuries have an adverse effect on the nervous system which makes it very tough to carry out regular functions and tasks. Our neurological rehab expert offers custom-made treatment plans that can help you in recovering what you have lost and also minimize the impact of your situation.

Our Neuro Rehab physiotherapy treatment works by stimulating the nervous system through different exercises and activities for learning new techniques to move. Our treatment plans are unique according to your injuries or condition, mainly focus to improve cardiovascular movement, strength, coordination, and balance. The various conditions treated by our experts with Neuro Rehab are spinal cord injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, peripheral nerve injury, Bell’s palsy, CIDP, motor neuron disease, head injury, Huntington’s disease, and many more!

Why Neurological Rehabilitation?

Neurological rehabilitation works to stimulate the sensory system through therapeutic exercises and activities, assisting you with learning better ways to move. Treatment plans are novel to your condition or injury, focusing on improving cardiovascular capacity, strength, development, equilibrium and in general coordination.


Physiotherapists assist you with enhancing current condition, just as prompt on approaches to adjust work and home spaces for protected, effective and independent living.


neurological physiotherapy clinic surrey BC